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China supplier for Rivet Boltless Rack

Rivet boltless rack also be called rivet rack, boltless rack. The rivet boltless rack system is combined with tear drop slotted angle uprights, riveted beams and MDF wood panel or steel shelves. providing a simple structure and economical storage solutions. light duty / heavy duty are available by changing different steel material specification, The rivet rack system are easy to installation ( DIY assembly), widely used in retail merchandising environment, warehouse, offices, garages, schools, hospitals, museums, libraries and kitchens etc.

China supplier for rivet boltless rack

China supplier for Rivet Boltless Rack

SuMetall is a trustable China supplier for rivet boltless rack for 20 years, our rivet rack features for the simple DIY structure, (Post, shelf panel, beams) can build a compelete unit. Economical, Cheapper cost. The rivet boltless rack structure is sturdy, tough, adaptable, rigid when assembled, the light duty rivet rack loading capacity can be 100kg to 150kg per level. heavy duty shelving can be 150kg-250kg per level. Wide range sizes boltless rack are available, and the unique pre-punched hole on upright allows you adjust shelf height level easily.

popular size of rivet boltless rack

Popular size of Rivet Boltless Rack





As a leading rivet boltless rack supplier in eastern China, SuMetall have confidence to make quality rivet boltless rack for you. we’ll never let you down once you choose to buy rivet boltless rack from China supplier – Sumetall.

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