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Flat / Plain back panel for shop shelving

Flat back panel for shop shelving is the main part for a shop shelving structure. The flat back panel surface is solid steel without holes, it’s usually made by 0.7mm & 0.6mm steel. Sumetall EuroStar shop shelving back panel is made by quality SPCC raw material, ensured the strong structure and flat & smooth surface. the back panel is compatible with tegometall shelving system.

China supplier for flat back panel for tegometall compatible shop shelving

China supplier for flat back panel of shop shelving

Flat back panel for shop shelving is clipped on the upright holes, for stablize the shelving structure to build a strong shelving system, it’s also important for the loading capacity of the shelving. the steel grade quality is very important for the back panel which cannot be saw by eyes, which affects the smooth surface of back panel. it’s better to turn to the trusted and honest shop shelving supplier to get the quality metal shelving back panel, like Sumetall shop shelving which already in the shop shelving manufacturer industry for 20 years.

plain back panel for shop shelving (tegometall compatible)

Plain Back Panel for shop shelving (tego compatible)






Any questions about standard sumetall shop shelving flat back panel, or need customized back panels, Please contact shop shelving manufacturer – Sumetall now.


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